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Smartphone time capsule
Smartphones allow you to easily get the information you want at any time, but on the other hand, if you don't get along well, it can be a factor that hinders your concentration. Smartphone time capsules allow you to force yourself from not being able to use your smartphone for a certain period of time while studying or working. If you set a time and put your smartphone inside, the lid will not open until that time. If you receive a call, you can receive the call from the dedicated operation hole.
Champagne gun
Party goods that can be attached to champagne or beer bottles and played like a water gun. The carbonic acid of champagne and beer causes the liquid to pop out more vigorously than a normal water gun. It seems that some products have a laser pointer that allows you to focus on them, and some products allow you to adjust the momentum of popping out. Please be careful about how to play.
Reuleaux triangle
The Reuleaux triangle is a special triangle devised by the German mechanical engineer Franz Reuleaux, who was active in the 19th century. The height of the tetrahedral object whose face is the triangle does not change even if it is rotated, so it will not rattle even if the table is placed on it and rolled. How about as an object such as a beautiful mirror surface or a colorful one?
Toilet seat lifting handle
By attaching it to the toilet seat, it is an item that allows you to open and close the toilet seat without direct contact. Due to the influence of the coronavirus, many people have become aware of what they touch, but by attaching this item to the toilet seat that they touch every day, it becomes easier to unify the parts that touch and disinfect. Various versions are available, from simple strip-shaped products to products with animal characters.

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