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Terms of Use

CNNECT is a website developed and operated by Inspiblo co.,ltd. Please be sure to read these terms of use prior to using the site. By using this site, you are agreeing to the terms of use. (This document has been prepared for English speaking users by translating the original Japanese text. The legal interpretations and so forth are all based on the original Japanese.)

Terminology within the terms of use

The following defines the specific terms within this agreement.
• 'The company' refers to 'Inspiblo co., ltd', the provider of the service.
• 'The site' refers to 'cnnect.jp' and all related pages managed by the company.
• 'User' refers to anyone who accesses this site in agreement to the terms of use and includes members explained below.
• 'Member' refers to users who have registered and consented with the terms of use and are eligible for members-only services.
• 'Content' refers to all photographs, illustrations, images, articles, videos, music and other materials published on this site.

Website availability

Content within the site are subject to change and/or discontinuation without prior notice to or consent from the user. The company will not be held responsible for any loss or damages that occur to the user as a result of site discontinuation. The authenticity, quality, standards, availability and any consequences related to the usage of website content and user submitted material on the site are not guaranteed by the company. Further, the company is not responsible for any loss or damages incurred by the user as a direct or indirect result of using the content or user submitted material on the site.

Usage of site

The content contained within the website may be used solely for personal purposes and may not be reproduced, translated or provided to third parties without documented authorization. In the event that the user's unauthorized usage of website content causes losses or damages to the company, the user will be responsible for making reparations. It is up to user discretion to judge the content, quality, accuracy, authenticity, legality, relevance, usefulness, etc. of the content and user submitted material on the site. Some content on the site is available with machine translations via 'Google Translate API' or 'Microsoft Translate API'. Translation accuracy is not guaranteed and the user uses the site acknowledging the potential discrepancies between original and translated content.

About usage of Tool and App

This site provides CNNECT Tool as a browser extension and bookmarklet, and CNNECT App as iOS and Android app. This site does not take any responsibility even if the access or account of the e-commerce site is affected by the use of the Tool or App. If the e-commerce site detects that your access is abnormal, it may block the access or suspend the account.

Additions, alterations and removal of content

The company has the right to add, alter and/or remove website content at any time. If the company deems any user submitted content as being in violation or potentially in violation of these terms of use, it will be removed or altered without prior notice. In the event that site content is in danger of copyright infringement, please report it right away. Any content considered problematic by the company will be removed.

Prohibited matters

In using this site, the user is prohibited from the following conduct.
• Activity that could result in copyright infringement or violation of intellectual property rights of other users, third parties and/or the company.
• Acts against public order and morals.
• Criminal activity or activity that could result in criminal charges.
• Dissemination of false information.
• Unauthorized commercial activity and related affairs.
• Activity that relates to or results in disruption of site operation.
• Activity that relates to or results in damaged site credibility.
• Usage of others' usernames.
• Using, distributing or supplying harmful programs.
• Publicly displaying other users' personal information.
• Slander against others.
• Unauthorized reproduction of site content.
• Any conduct that can or is in violation of the law.
• Any conduct the company rules as inappropriate.

Member liability and obligations

The member shall not submit false information during registration. In accordance with the Privacy Policy established by the company, the use of personal information is authorized. If there is a discrepancy in the registered information, the member shall promptly make the necessary changes. The member shall not conduct any transfers, loans, name changes or collateral provisions that provides any other parties with access to member services. The member is accountable for his/her own password. The company is not responsible for any losses, damages or costs resulting from fraudulent use or illegal password access by a third party. Any matters that arise as a result of the use of this service may require the company to request additional information from the user. In this case, the user shall promptly provide the necessary information.

Cancellation of membership

Membership can be immediately revoked should the company deem any of the following applicable to the user.
• If false information was provided to the company.
• If the member's conduct violates these terms of use.
• The member is disqualified at the company's discretion.


Intellectual property rights including copyrights within the site belong to the company, other than content authorized for use by the original copyright owner. The copyright of member submitted content shall be owned by the user who provided the content. However, the company is granted permission to use user submitted content within and outside the website in publications.

Links to the site

Links to the site can appear anywhere other than in the following.
• Links are prohibited from adult websites/websites against public order and morals.
• Links directly to site content such as images, videos and music are prohibited.
• Linking via frames and inline frames are prohibited.
The company will not be held responsible for any complications that arise with third parties as a result of hyperlinks leading to the site. In the event that damages and losses are incurred by the company as a result of hyperlinks leading to the site, the responsible party shall make reparations.

Links and advertisements

There may be cases in which the company and/or users provide links to other websites and resources on the site. These sites and resources are managed by their respective entities and pertinent information, advertisements and services are not guaranteed by the company. Therefore, the company will not be held responsible for any damages or losses incurred by the user.

Terms of use revisions

The company has the right to revise the terms of use without prior notice to or consent from the user. By continuing to use this site, the user signifies consent of the revised terms.

Governing law and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Any disputes arising between the company and the user as related to the site shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Kyoto District Court or the Kyoto District Summary Court.

January 20th, 2013 enacted
July, 21th, 2017 revised
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