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Capsule raincoat
It is a convenient item that you can carry your raincoat in a container like a capsule of a gacha. With this raincoat, which is even more compact than a folding umbrella, you don't have to panic if you run into sudden rain. Colorful capsules can be hung on a bag or belt and carried around.
Wireless earphone Loss prevention earrings
Earrings that prevent complete wireless earphones such as AirPods from falling out of your ears and being lost. If you attach the tip of the earring to the fixing cap that comes with the earring, you can prevent it from being lost even if it comes off your ear.
Fake shirt hem
It is an item that looks like the hem of an inner shirt by attaching it to the waist and letting it stick out from the tops. You can add one point to your fashion without actually wearing innerwear.
Self threading needles
With this sewing needle, threading is completed simply by inserting the thread into the crack at the tip without threading the thread through the hole of the needle. It is a convenient item that even elderly people who are not good at detailed work can easily start sewing.
Toy moving along a line
A smart toy that moves along a line when you draw a line on paper with a marker. Even complex curves move in a wavy manner as if it were a rail. Various shapes such as cars, tanks, robots and animals are on sale.
It is a toy that is a hot topic on SNS etc. now that a hand spinner and a drone are integrated. If you rotate the propeller inside and release it, it will float in the air for a while. Many models are equipped with colorful LEDs, which you can enjoy visually.
Xiao Long Bao Maker
Xiaolongbao is a Chinese dish that is very popular in Japan. When you chew a bite, the hot gravy that flows out from inside is irresistible. However, it seems to be very difficult to make a small basket at home that wraps each soup in a round shape so that it will not spill. In China, small basket wrapping devices shaped like lotus flowers are sold.
Headstand bench
A chair that assists handstands used during yoga. In recent years, yoga has become popular in China, regardless of age or gender. Various types of products such as those with cushions and handrails are on sale.
U-shape tooth brush
A toothbrush to help small children get into the habit of brushing their teeth. A U-shaped brush along the teeth vibrates up, down, left and right along with music and audio guides. The torso has a character that makes small children want to pick it up.
Anchor Phone Stand
A small but profound metal smartphone / tablet stand. At first glance, you don't know what the anchor type product will be used for, but the middle part is attached with a magnet, and if you use it separately, it will be a highly versatile stand. There is a round ring on the top, so you can attach it to a key chain and carry it around.
Even in Japan, centering on SNS, "Why is this balanced? It is furniture and objects with a tensegrity structure that has become a hot topic. A variety of products are on sale, from furniture useful for daily life to ornamental ornaments and models for physics education.
Barbecue Skewerer
You can easily make a large amount of barbecue skewers by pointing the skewers from above into a square cylinder filled with chunks of meat and cutting along the slits. It is a convenient gadget unique to China with barbecue stalls all over the road.
Key ring with hand spinner
Key chains with fidget spinners, which caused a worldwide boom a few years ago, are attracting attention. In many products, the spinning part is a tool such as a bottle opener. A key chain that you usually carry around, a practical tool, and a fidget spinner that eliminates the inconvenience. It may be a golden combination.
Snowflake wrench
A multi-tool in the shape of a snow crystal that fits lightly in the palm of your hand. Contrary to its cute appearance, 18 types of tools that are often used on a daily basis, such as a screwdriver, wrench, and hex wrench, are packed without waste. It comes with a round can, so it may be useful when you need to carry it as a key chain.
Foot massage socks
It is said that the soles of the feet have acupoints that relieve the disorders of various parts of the body. It's not easy for the average person to remember those acupoints, but wearing these socks will tell you where and what kind of acupoints are at a glance. The names of body parts are almost the same in Japanese and Chinese, so you can understand them without any problems.
Smartphone Shaver
It can be used as a simple shaver by pointing to a smartphone or mobile battery. A thumb-sized gadget that is convenient when you want to shave a little while you are out. It supports various terminals such as USB and Lightning.
Automatic Hair Weaver
It is an automatic hair-knitting machine that can easily braid by pulling the lever. This is a braid that takes a long time by hand, but with this machine you can knit easily and evenly. It is mainly for elementary and junior high school girls, and has a colorful and pop design.
Lid opener for under cabinet
It is a lid opener that is fixed to the bottom of the kitchen cabinet with double-sided tape. You can also open the tightly closed lid by inserting the lid into the notch and turning it. Since the notch is triangular, it is compatible with lids of various sizes, from large lids such as jams to small lids such as seasonings.
Folding Mirror Brush
When you open a cute palm-sized character, a round hand mirror and a push paddle brush will appear. It is a convenient item that you can check your grooming at any time, even if you carry it in your bag or pocket and is not bulky.
Door stopper to prevent finger trapping
A door stopper featuring a cute character made of a soft material such as urethane. If you attach this product to the end of the door and tilt it at an angle, the door will not close completely and will prevent small children from accidentally pinching your fingers in the door. Closing the door is easy because you only need to return the character vertically and close it.
Sprial Hanger
This is a spiral hanger that is convenient for drying large items such as sheets, bedspreads, and bath towels. Even if it doesn't fit in a normal size hanger, it can be dried without taking up space with this hanger. As it can be slid along the spiral, you can easily dry it by yourself.
Aluminum Can Full Opener
With this item, you can cut an aluminum can along the edge and drink it as a cup. It is convenient when you want to take a cold drink at a stretch and when you want to add lemon or lime.
Alligator Dishwasher
A gadget that can easily wash dishes by holding a plate or bowl with a free arm that fits various shapes, pressing a sponge and rotating it. It's called a crocodile dishwasher because it looks like a crocodile.
Silicon shoe cover
With a semi-transparent cover over your shoes, you don't need rain boots or boots even on rainy days. Since it is made of elastic silicone, it is easy to put on and take off, and it is slip-resistant. It's translucent and you can see through the shoes you're wearing, so you don't have to worry about coordination.
Bed sheet fixer
It is a convenient item that is sandwiched between two parts to prevent slipping of bed sheets. Attach the base to the mattress with double-sided tape, cover the bed sheets, and then attach the cover. The cover decorates the interior with various shapes such as heart shape and star shape.
USB cable bracelet
A USB charging cable that is often carried with a smartphone. A bracelet type with beads and charms is convenient. It is becoming a fashion item, and we have a lineup of products that do not seem like USB cables at first glance.
Silicon Garlic Peeler
Put the garlic in a silicone elastic container and press it several times with your palm to easily peel off the garlic. Products of various shapes such as garlic-shaped ones and tube-shaped ones are sold.
Raincoat with helmet
This is a convenient item that combines a raincoat and a helmet to wear when riding a scooter or bicycle. By covering from head to hands all at once, you can drive safely without getting wet in the rain.
Ring with bottle opener
You can unplug it strangely by holding your palm over the bottle of drink and lifting it up. Actually, the lid is hooked on the ring fitted on the finger, so you can easily open the cap without using force. This item, which can only be seen by those who have strong power when seen from the surroundings, is inevitable for bars and clubs.
Folding Storage Art Panel
If you have a limited space to undress, such as a unit bath, isn't it a problem where you can put your clothes off? At first glance, this product looks like an art panel, but if you pull up the panel from the bottom, a simple storage shelf where you can put clothes will appear. It's a convenient item that can effectively utilize the limited space.
Cucumber sharpener for face pack
A sharpener for making thin slices of cucumber for a cucumber pack. You can easily make a pack of thin cucumbers by inserting a cucumber into this sharpener and turning it in the same way as a pencil sharpener.
Stain Repellent T-Shirt
It is a versatile and convenient plain T-shirt, but it is difficult to get dirty. It is said that this T-shirt made of a material that repels dirt will not leave a spot even if it is covered with cola.
No-Buckle Belt for Lazy
This belt does not have a buckle on the front like ordinary belts. By winding both ends of the elastic rubber belt around the belt loop and fixing it, any pants can be worn like rubber pants. It was developed for lazy people who find it troublesome to change the belt for each pair of pants.
Monitor Hanging Rack
It is a storage rack that can be hooked on a PC monitor or flat-screen TV. It can be used with many monitors as it is designed to be supported by diagonal bracing rods. How about installing peripherals such as antennas and routers that are surprisingly difficult to place?
UFO-style push drainage plug
It is a convenient item that can be easily changed to a push type simply by installing it on the drain plug of the sink. Since it also has a hair catch function, you can keep the drain plug clean at any time.
Gold Egg Maker
When the raw egg is set in the container and the string is pulled, the egg rotates at high speed and the yolk and white are mixed. Boil it and you will have a uniform golden boiled egg. With this, even children who don't like egg yolks can eat nutritious yolks. It is subject to the Food Sanitation Law and a license is required for commercial import.
Disc Roll-up Shopping-Bag
A handy item that allows you to carry an eco bag that has been used more and more in a small disc and carry it around. The colorful bag stored in the transparent case is also fashionable.
Handbag-style phone case
The back side of the smartphone case is designed like a handbag, and you can actually store coins etc in your pocket. If you put the strap on your shoulder with the handbag side facing out, the smartphone case will be part of the fashion.
Smartphone Enlargement Screen
A convenient gadget that enlarges and projects the screen of the smartphone by setting the smartphone on the stand and launching the transparent screen in the foreground. It is a highly practical product that incorporates an analog system into the digital world.
Knife Smartphone Case
It is a smart phone case that people around you will mistakenly think that it is a kitchen knife if you walk in your pocket. Does the grip of the kitchen knife come in surprisingly convenient for operating your smartphone?
Auto bag refill garbage box
It is a convenient trash can that can be set automatically by setting a roll-type trash bag under the trash can and removing the tissue paper from the tissue box.
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