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Xiaolajiao is a smartphone brand founded in February 2012 with a focus on internet sales. It is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

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Little Pepper R17 Mini Smart Phone 4G Full Netcom Unicom Ultra-thin Small Screen Full Screen Net Red Card Mobile Phone Men and Women Students Children Spare Extra Small Ultra Small Pocket Vibrato Same Style
Little pepper K3 mini student mobile phone non-smart 4G ultra-thin card mobile phone network celebrity junior high school students primary school students special quit network cute spare ultra-small children's telecommunications can only make calls
[Send Charger] Little Pepper Q8 Old Cell Phone Super Long Standby Genuine Military Three Anti-Mobile Telecom Edition Female Nokia Bar Smart 4G Full Netcom Big Screen Big Character Big Voice Old Man Phone
Little Pepper r17 Full Netcom 4G Mini Card Smart Net Red Same Phone Men and Women Cute Super Elementary School Student
Little Pepper Red Pepper Wayward Version Unicom Mobile 4G Card Version Android Elderly Elderly Smartphone 5 Inch Big Screen Big Character Elderly Machine WeChat Video TV Elderly Student Backup Phone
Little pepper red pepper model mobile Unicom 4G dual card dual standby Android smart elderly student backup mobile phone 2G running big screen big characters elderly old machine brand genuine cheap one hundred yuan mobile phone
Little pepper K3 student mobile phone mini ultra-thin card mobile phone non-smart Internet addiction mobile telecommunications 4G Internet celebrity small mobile phone children, high school students, junior high school students and 100 yuan can only call
The new authentic little pepper Telecom Mobile Unicom 4G full Netcom version Android mini smartphone vibrato the same style of net red ultra-small mobile phone men and women ultra-thin extra small card spare pocket mobile phone
Pepper R17 ultra-thin ultra-small mini smart phone boys and girls elementary and middle school students full Netcom 4G Android extra small ultra-small net red card small mobile phone spare pocket new vibrato with the same paragraph
Pepper 105 full Netcom 4G old man machine non-smart WiFi student male and female straight button mobile Unicom telecom can be on WeChat video and voice backup mobile phone ultra-thin and ultra-long standby
Brand authentic little pepper 8x pro full Netcom 4G version Android smart elderly student backup mobile phone WeChat QQ eight open business marketing business mobile phone 6G operation + 128G memory
WeChat Octopus Chili Pepper Red Chili GM-Q8/T8 Mobile Unicom Telecom Netcom 4G Card Version Student Elderly Micro-Business Spare Android Smartphone WeChat 8 Multi-Open Mobile Phone
Little Pepper Red Pepper G5 China Mobile Unicom Telecom 4G Full Netcom Button Smart Big Character Loud Older WiFi Mobile Phone Smart Voice Older Student Backup Business Three-net Mobile Phone
Red Pepper Pepper T11 Mobile Unicom 4G Card Version Android Smart Elderly Mobile Phone WIFI Hotspot Sharing WeChat Video Dual Card Male and Female Students Elderly Business Backup Phone
Small pepper mobile phone Red pepper 8x pro full screen 128gb large memory about 1000 4g full Netcom game telecom large screen ultra-thin student price Android smart phone genuine 1000 yuan
Little Pepper R17 Ultra-thin Mini Smart Card Phone Mobile Unicom Telecom Full Netcom Spare Small Phone 4G Pocket Student Female Net Red Male Small Screen New Douyin Same Cute Phone
[Send Charger] Little Pepper Q8 Elderly Mobile Phone with Long Standby Candy Bar, Big Screen, Big Characters, Loud Voice, Mobile Unicom Telecom Edition Female Student Feature Button Nokia Small Phone
Small pepper Mate30Max original authentic 4G full Netcom eight-core smartphone 6.26 water drop screen student price 128G game Android machine type-c available vivo Xiaomi oppo Huawei
Send protective cover film small pepper red pepper GM-T9+S mobile Unicom dual 4G face unlocking student, elderly, old people, big screen, smart WeChat, open business, marketing, work, spare phone
Chili K3 card mobile phone non-smart phone Internet small mobile phone ultra-small mini ultra-thin cute junior high school students children primary school students pocket mobile telecommunication network celebrity mobile phones for elderly students
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Thank you I received the items and I had no issues. Thx
Feedback TimeMay 9, 2021, 1:20

Thank you,i have received the items and no problem with the problems packaging was sealed really well.
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Arrived in very good condition.
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