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A brand that sells smartphones, smartphone accessories, etc. incorporating designs for youth based in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, which was founded in 2014.

Popular items in this brand

Coolpad IVVI I3 mobile phone case cartoon cute painted protective cover silicone i3-01 all-inclusive soft shell men and women shell creative net red ins pattern personality fresh fashion customized private
Coolpad ivvi small bone pro mobile phone case sk3-01/02 mobile phone protective cover silicone cartoon anti-fall soft female K3M net red ins pattern new tide brand picture cute fresh fashion customization
New ivvi water drop full screen big screen full netcom old student price game ultra-thin Android smartphone 100 yuan
Cool IVVI V1 mobile phone case nestling IVVI V1 protective shell silicone mobile phone soft cover cartoon painted tide men and women net celebrity ins pattern new tide brand pictures cute fashion customized private
Coolpad ivvi v1m mobile phone shell snuggle v1m protective cover cartoon painted all-inclusive silicone soft shell men and women
Coolpad ivvi k2 mobile phone case Coolpad k2-01 mobile phone case ivviK2 protective cover silicone soft shell creative men and women personality cartoon cute fresh fashion customized private painting couple simple
Coolpad ivvi K1 mini mobile phone case anti-drop SK1-01 protective cover soft silicone personality creative trend men and women pattern new trendy brand pictures cute fresh fashion customized private painting
Coolpad IVVI I3 mobile phone case Coolpad I3 mobile phone case i3-01 protective cover silicone soft cover pudding cover material
Coolpad ivvi small bone Max mobile phone shell ivvi CK3-01 mobile phone case soft shell small bone MAX silicone tempered film
Coolpad IVVI I3 mobile phone case IVVI i3-01 protective cover SS2-01 silicone cartoon small fresh soft shell i3
Coolpad ivvi f1 mobile phone shell ivvi v1/v1m protective cover ck2-01 silicone small imax custom DIY
Coolpad IVVI Small Bone MAX Mobile Shell CK3-01 Mobile Phone Case Protective Shell Transparent Silicone Soft Case Painted Material
Suitable for ivvi snuggle x12 mobile phone shell frosted all-inclusive edge drop and scratch resistant P60-X12 mobile phone shell tide brand male
Coolpad IVVI I3 mobile phone case IVVI i3-01 protective cover SS2-01 silicone all-inclusive anti-fall men and women i3
Coolpad ivvi i3 i3-01 mobile phone shell SK3-01 small bone Pro protective sleeve small bone Max CK3-01 silicone
ivvi K5 mobile phone shell super multi-dimensional D1/C1001/C1004 protective cover K5-T transparent silicone soft shell anti-drop
Cool small bone max mobile phone case to send tempered film Cool ivvi ck3-01 mobile phone shell anti-fall protective cover soft shell
Bangcai cool ivvi small bone MAX mobile phone shell flip bracket holster CK3-01 protective cover silicone anti-fall shell
The new ivvi X30 ultra-thin water droplet full screen big screen 4G full Netcom Android game student price smartphone
Coolpad ivvi v1m mobile phone shell soft glue snuggle v1m mobile phone sleeve anti-fall creative protective shell personality men and women
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May 2021
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Thank you I received the items and I had no issues. Thx
Feedback TimeMay 9, 2021, 1:20

Thank you,i have received the items and no problem with the problems packaging was sealed really well.
Feedback TimeMay 9, 2021, 1:19

Arrived in very good condition.
Feedback TimeDec 19, 2020, 3:24
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