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About CNNECT tool

We introduce how to use CNNECT tool on this page.

What is CNNECT tool?

By using CNNECT tool, you can search for products in English on Chinese e-commerce sites such as Taobao, Alibaba, Tmall, and JingDong, and add their products to CNNECT's shopping cart. The tool is provided as a bookmarklet or a browser extension. We do not support the use on smartphones, so please use it on your computer or tablet device. With CNNECT tool, you can use our service even more conveniently, such as searching for each seller's products and ordering products that are not listed on CNNECT.

How to install CONNECT tool

Installation of CONNECT tool

Membership registration is required to install CNNECT tool. If you have not registered as a member, please register as a member from this page. If you have already registered as a member, please follow the instructions from the link below to install the tool.

Tool ID Setting

If you are using the Google Chrome extension, you need to set the tool ID after installing the extension. Right-click the extension button displayed in the upper right corner of the browser and select "Options". Please set the tool ID displayed on this page from the extension options page. If you are using a bookmarklet, you do not need to set a tool ID.

How to operate CNNECT Tool

Execute the tool

Click the bookmarklet or extension button to run CNNECT tool. In the case of Google Chrome extension, it will be executed automatically when you open Taobao, Alibaba, Tmall, or JingDong. The tool is displayed at the bottom of the page as a default. You can also move the tool to the top of the page by clicking the up-down arrow button on the right of the tool panel.

How to search for products

To search for products, execute CNNECT tool on a page where the search box is displayed on each e-commerce site. After entering keywords in English, press the enter key or click the search mark on the right to start translation and search of the keywords.

How to add products to cart and clip products

If you run CNNECT tool on product details page of each e-commerce site, the two buttons "ADD TO CART" and "CLIP" will be activated. To add an item to your cart, first select options such as colors and sizes on the e-commerce site. After that, click the "ADD TO CART" button of CNNECT tool to add the item to CNNECT's shopping cart. Click "CLIP" to save the item in CNNECT's My Clips.

Member Registration on Taobao and Alibaba

If you order Taobao or Alibaba products through this site, you do not need to register as a member on Taobao or Alibaba. However, you may be asked to register as a member while browsing the Taobao or Alibaba website. In that case, please refer to the following page to register as a member. After completing membership registration on Taobao, you can sign in on Taobao, Tmall and Alibaba (1688.com) with the same account.