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Special Operations for Orders

This page will show you how to operate in special cases.

About custom-made items

If you apply for a custom-made product, you can upload the necessary files from the custom-made management page after we mark the item as custom-made. Items designated as custom-made will be displayed with this mark in the list of applied items on the order details page. If it is a custom-made product but this mark is not yet displayed, please contact us via message.

About Light Tasks

Applying for Light Tasks

If you need light tasks such as labeling, removing individual packages, removing batteries, etc, please apply from "APPLY TASKS" in the upper right of "List of Applied Items" on the order details page. If any fees are incurred for light tasks, you can check the amount on this page. You can only apply for items that have arrived at our warehouse, so if the target item has not yet arrived, please wait until it arrives.

Setting Details of Light Tasks

After applying for light tasks, will be displayed in the "List of applied items" on the order details page. Click this mark to set the details of the light tasks. If you have chosen labeling, upload the label data in PDF format. If you have chosen removing packages or batteries, enter details of the task in text.

About Bundling/Splitting

Bundled shipping and split shipping

If you want to ship items from multiple different orders at once, or if you want to ship only the items that have already arrived, please apply for bundled/split shipping. To apply for bundled/split shipping, click on "BUNDLE/SPLIT" at the top right of the order details page. Only items that have already arrived at our warehouse can be applied for bundling or splitting. If the target item has not yet arrived, please apply after the arrival. Depending on the shape, weight, and size of the package, it may not be bundled or split.

How to apply for Bundled/Split Shipping

To apply for bundled/split shipping, please select orders or items you want to bundle/split on the bundle/split request page. Select the check boxes in the leftmost column to select all the arrived items in each order. To select a part of items, click in the rightmost column to display the arrived items, then select items you want to bundle/split. After sending a request, this service will confirm your request and proceed with bundling/splitting. A new arrival notification will be sent once bundling or splitting is complete.

About Shipping Invoice

Setting Invoice attachment

If the international shipping method is EMS or ePacket, the shipping invoice is usually not attached to the package. In the case of other shipping methods, invoice is normally attached because it is necessary in practice. If you wish to attach an invoice to your package, select an address from the Delivery Address and check "Attach an invoice" on the delivery address edit page. However, ePacket is a shipping method for personal imports, so invoices cannot be attached.

Setting Customs Declarations

If invoice attachment is set for the order delivery address, you can set customs declarations for each item. Click "CUSTOMS DECLARATION" at the top right of "List of applied items" on the order details page. On the next pop-up screen, enter customs declaration for each item in English. In the case of EMS and ePacket, the maximum number of customs declarations you can set is 4. Please note that we may change the customs declarations which are obviously different from the actual product.