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Order flow / Pricing

This page guides you about Purchase service from application to delivery.

Steps for Purchase Service

After applying for a Purchase service, your order will be processed in the following manner. If the customer's operation is required at any stage in the process, we will notify you by Email. If you have any special requests during the order process, please send a message from the order details page.

1.Submit Application After adding all items to your cart, click on 'VIEW CART' from the top right corner of the page, then apply for Purchase service.
2.Payment If you want to proceed to purchasing the items, please make a payment. If you are using for the first time, you first need to pay-in the deposit.
3.Purchase Items Once payment has been confirmed, we will purchase the applied items on behalf of the customer.
4.Dispatch Items Sellers of Taobao or Alibaba will ship items to the our warehouse in China. After the items arrived, we will confirm the items and re-package them.
5.Bill for Shipping After all the items have arrived, we will notify you of the international shipping fees by Email. If multiple shipping methods are available, you can change it on the order details page.
6.Pay for shipping After confirming the shipping method and delivery address, please make a payment for the 2nd billing. In case there is no additional billing, please submit a shipping request. After this status, you cannot submit an additional order, please be careful.
7.International Shipping We will ship the items to your designated address. After the international shipping is finished, we will notify you of information such as tracking number and etc.
8.Report Reception Once your items have safely arrived, please report their arrival via your My Page. If any excessive payment has been made, the excess amount will be added to the customer's deposit amount.

About necessary fees

Costs required for all orders

If you applied for Purchase service, the following costs are necessary. Bank transfer and Credit card (PayPal) are available for payment.

1st Billing Item Price The item prices are shown on the details page for each item. In case the displayed price on CNNECT is different from the actual selling price, different amount will be offset at the 2nd billing.
Commission fee Commission for normal products is 5% of the item price. Commission for custom made products is 10% of the item price. However, minimum commission per order is 5.00USD. In case the number of products is more than 10, 1% is added to the commission for every 10 products. The extra items commission is 10% at the most.
Local Shipping Domestic shipping is required to deliver your items from the e-commerce site to our warehouse in China.. In general, these fees will be incurred for each seller, but in some cases shipping will be free of charge.
2nd Billing Intl Shipping Fees A variety of international shipping methods are available depending on customers demands, such as EMS, DHL, UPS and etc. You can check the available shipping methods and the shipping rate for each destination country on this page.
• We ask that customers be liable for any credit card fees which may occur during payment.

Costs required for special cases

Normally it is not necessary, but in the special case the following costs are required.

Exchange/Return Fee An exchange or return fee of 3USD per item is necessary when returning goods after checking the photographs after the goods arrived at our warehouse in China. Exchange or return of items is only possible if there is a mistake or a defect in the arrived items, and the agreement of the seller is obtained. In addition, local shipping fee required for exchange or return will be charged for actual expenses.
Storage Fee When more than 30 days have passed after the arrival of the first goods, you are asked to pay the storage fees of 1USD per day, per 0.1 cubic meter. In case more than 60 days have passed and the shipping fees were not paid yet, the arrived goods would be abandoned. Please be careful.
Labeling Fee If it is necessary to paste labels on goods for delivery of Amazon FBA, working cost of 1.5USD per item is required.

About custom duty and other taxes

When you received the items, customs duty and other taxes may be incurred. In the case of personal import, there are also cases where it is tax exemption. When customs duty and other taxes are necessary, you will be asked to make payment with the delivery service.

About applied rate

The exchange rate displayed on the bottom of page will be applied to each order. This rate is updated every morning. The rate at the time of application is used to calculate item prices, commission and local shipping fees (1st Billing). When calculating the international shipping fees (2nd Billing), the rate at the time of items arriving at our Chinese warehouse is used.

Regarding item prices and local shipping fees

In some cases, the actual item price or local shipping fee may be different from the prices displayed on this site. These can occur when the original sales site changes prices between the time this site acquires the information and you submit an application. In such cases, we will offset the different amount at the 2nd billing. The prices might be lower in a case such as discount, and might be higher in a case such as price rise.

In some cases, some items may sold out after a payment. If any items are sold out after the payment, and any over-payment occurs as a result of that, the over-paid amount will either be offset at the 2nd billing, or returned to your deposit after the completion of the order.

Please note that even if some items in an order are sold out, we will purchase all remaining items.

Setting purchase condition for item

If you have a request that you want to purchase if the product meets certain conditions, you can set the conditions of the purchase prior to payment after ordering. Please click the mark of in the list of applied items on the order details page and enter the conditions to purchase. We will confirm the purchase conditions and confirm with the seller before purchasing.

About custom-made items

If you apply for a custom-made product, you can upload the necessary files from the custom-made management page after we mark the item as custom-made. Items designated as custom-made will be displayed with this mark in the list of applied items on the order details page. If it is a custom-made product but this mark is not yet displayed, please contact us via message.

About International Shipping Fees

When using purchase service, the exact shipping fees cannot be calculated until all items have arrived and their package weight and size have been determined. For international shipping, you will be billed the actual expenses for items' package weight and size. If you would like to know a rough estimate of costs in advance, check the items' weight and size on the original sales pages and enter the information into the Shipping Fee Calculator.

Confirmation of arrived items

About item inspection

As inspection, we examine whether the quantities and the product types are correct at the local warehouse after the goods arrival. Please note we can not inspect the functionality and quality of the products. At that time, we will open the packages and shoot pictures of each product. Please note that the packages must be opened in order to confirm the products before export them from China. Customers are requested to look at those pictures on the order details page and check if there is no problem with the products. If you have any questions even after checking the pictures, please contact CNNECT with message.

About exchange and return of items

Please check pictures of the items you received and if there are any problems with the items, please contact CNNECT by message. We will confirm the problem to the seller and negotiate exchange or return as necessary. If the seller responds to exchange or returns, please wait until the item is exchanged or returned. Please understand beforehand that not all sellers respond to exchange or return. When exchanging or returning, actual expenses of the local shipping cost may be required.