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Operations During Orders

This page will guide you the operations during order process.

Check progress status of orders

After submitting an application, you can check the status of your order progress on the order details page. The order details page consists of the following sections.

1.Ongoing Orders

If there are multiple ongoing orders, please select from this tab.

2.Progress, Customer's operation

Order progress can be checked here. If there is any operation a customer needs to perform, the button on the right side becomes green active status.

3.Basic information of the order

The basic information such as delivery address, shipping preference and etc are displayed here.

4.Billing and Payment status

The billing and payment status are displayed here. '1st Billing' and '2nd billing' are separately displayed.

5.List of Applied Items

The list of applied items and status, quantity, unit price etc of each item are displayed here.

6.Shipping Information

Information about the international shipping is displayed. Please confirm tracking numbers here.

7.Message History

A list of messages regarding the order is displayed. If you want to contact us, click on 'NEW MESSAGE' to send a message.

Operations during order progress

Updating Orders

All operations necessary for orders to be processed can by done by the customer through the green buttons on the order details page. After checking the information displayed in the box on the left side, click the button, and proceed with the operation from the pop-up screen that opens. For details about operations that the customer must perform, please confirm About Purchase Service.

Sending Messages

If you need to contact us concerning the order, please send a message via 'NEW MESSAGE' at the bottom of the order details page. Please be aware that contact made through Inquiry will not reach the agency in charge. Messages can only be sent for ongoing orders, orders that have been completed within 30 days, and orders that have canceled within 30 days.

Cancelling an order or cancelling a part of items

You can cancel an order at any time as long as it is before the 1st billing payment. In cases you want to cancel a whole order, there is no real need to contact us as it will be canceled automatically 7 days after the application. If you would like to cancel part of the order, or change the quantity of an item, please click on the quantity of the items list on the order details page, and cancel the item or change the quantity of the item.

About Deposit

What is deposit?

Deposit is money CNNECT keeps from the customer, and can be used for payment of orders regardless of 1st or 2nd payment. You can check your deposit balance and usage history on Deposit page. There are 2 ways to make a payment for each order..One is to transfer money every time a bill is issued, and the other one is paying-in any amount to your deposit in advance and conduct a payment to the order through your deposit.

How to pay-in to your deposit

To pay-in the deposit, please click 'PAY IN' button on deposit management. When paying in by bank transfer, please send a payment report after completion of transfer to the bank account written on the popup window. If paying by credit card, please select the credit card tab and proceed with PayPal payment. As soon as CNNECT confirms payment, the paid-in amount will be added to your deposit.

How to pay-out your deposit

If you wish to pay-out your deposit, please click 'PAY-OUT' on deposit management. After that, in the pop-up window, please enter the bank account or PayPal information for which you want the deposit to be refunded, and submit the pay-out request. After confirmation of the request, we will proceed with the refund. Deposit pay-out needs pay-out charge of 2USD. Deposit pay-out is usually done within 3 business days. However, it is not possible to pay-out money directly from the deposit without using any amount on our service. Please contact us if you make a mistake in payment operation etc.

Reporting Item Arrival

In case all items are delivered without problem

If the items arrive safely to the customer, please send us a Reception Report from the order details page. Please click 'RECEPTION REPORT', and submit the form. Please understand that in case we do not receive a Reception Report, once 30 days have passed the order will be moved to the completed orders.

In case some delivered items have problems

If there is a problem with the item you received, please click on 'RECEPTION REPORT' on the order details page to open a pop-up screen and click on the part written as 'Please report from here if there is a problem with the item you received'. On the new message page, please attach pictures that shows the state of the items if necessary, and report us the details of the problem.

In case there is over-payment

In cases where the purchase amount or purchase price changes after payment has been made, excessive payment may occur. If excessive payment occurs, the amount will be displayed on the product arrival report, and after the product arrival report is received, the excess amount will be added to the deposit. If a refund is desired, please follow the method to be described later for deposit withdrawal. Also, in the same manner, insufficient payment may occur, in which case it will be deducted from the deposit.

Completed orders and Canceled orders

Orders are considered complete when the items are received by the customer and we receive a reception report, or when 30 days have passed from the date of shipment. Orders are considered as canceled when they are canceled due to reasons such as requests from the customer or inability to purchase or forward. If 7 days have passed from the date of the estimate without receiving payment, the order will automatically be considered as canceled.