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Chinese e-commerce sites

This page explains the characteristics of each Chinese e-commerce site that you can import through CNNECT.


Taobao is the largest e-commerce platform in China with more than 500 million users, launched in May 2003. It is run by Alibaba Group same as Tmall and Alibaba. It's a CtoC retail platform that individuals and small businesses can open a shop for free, selling everything from clothing to appliances, interior goods, and food. However, due to the low hurdles for selling, sometimes we encounter products with poor quality, so it is necessary to be careful when purchasing, such as checking the evaluation of the product and the seller in advance.


Tmall is operated by Alibaba Group same as Taobao, but it is a BtoC retail platform that only permitted companies can sell products. Tmall was originally operated within Taobao, but became independent from Taobao in January 2012. Due to strict examination, the quality and authenticity of the listed products is guaranteed. Every year on November 11th, a large-scale sale called "Double 11" is held on Tmall.


Alibaba is a wholesale platform launched by Alibaba Group as the first service in 1999. Alibaba is divided into "1688.com" for Chinese domestic market and "alibaba.com" for overseas markets. Alibaba is a wholesale service, but many products can be purchased from 1 quantity. Another feature is that you can get a discount according to the quantity by purchasing a large quantity at once. You can purchase products in all fields from raw materials and machine parts to finished products such as clothing and electrical appliances at low prices.


JinDong is a BtoC type e-commerce service started in January 2004, and is gaining popularity in China next to Alibaba Group services such as Taobao and Tmall. The feature is that the quality of the products is guaranteed because it is mainly the sales by JinDong and other permitted companies. In addition, because it has its own distribution network, quick delivery and after-sales service are very renowned. It has almost everything you need in your daily life, such as home appliances, digital devices, interior goods, fashion goods, childcare goods, toys, books and food.


Pinduoduo is a joint purchasing type e-commerce service that started in September 2015. In recent years, it has rapidly grown in popularity by selling popular products at low prices in the form of joint purchases. It is attractive to be able to purchase popular products on social media at very low prices, but you need to be aware that some products have quality problems.

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