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Correspondence to defective goods

Please check the following guidelines for correspondence when defective products were included in the products purchased through this site. Regarding matters not designated in the guidelines, this site and the customer will decide how to respond through negotiation.

Things that this site compensates

The following matters will be compensated by this site. We will take photos of arrived products and upload them at the time of local inspection, so check the photos by yourself and contact us if there is a problem. This site will proceed with exchange or return in accordance with the request from the customer.

Things for which this site negotiates compensation with the seller

If you have found defective goods corresponding to the following matters, we will negotiate with the seller in accordance with the request from the customer. Whether you can receive compensation depends on the each seller.

Things customer needs to apply for compensation to the shipping company

The following items can not be compensated by this site. In the event of the following matters, the customer should contact the shipping company and negotiate compensation.