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Applying for Purchase service

This page will guide you on how to apply for purchase service.

How to apply for Purchase service

View items in your cart

In order to apply for purchase service, first add all desired items to your cart. You can check the items in the cart by clicking on 'VIEW CART' in the top right corner of each page. You can remove items or change quantity of items on this page. The items added to the cart will be saved for 7 days. After confirming the items you are about to apply are correct, click on 'APPLY FOR PURCHASE SERVICE'.

Select application options

On the next page, you select a delivery address. If this is your first time to apply, you must add a delivery address first. Please click "ADD A NEW DELIVERY ADDRESS" and register an address. If you cannot find the country of your residence in the list, please contact us. After you finished selecting a delivery address, click on 'CONFIRM' to proceed to the next page.

Confirm application details and submit application

On the next page, please confirm the 1st billing and other information, and if there is no problem click on 'SUBMIT APPLICATION'. International shipping fee is not confirmed until the items arrive at our warehouse, so it will be charged at the 2nd billing. Item price and local shipping fee are approximate and may change after the 1st billing. We will notify you if those prices change largely. After completing the application, please go to the order details page and make a payment for the 1st billing.

About additional orders

In case you want to add other items to your order, you can place an additional order as long as the order is before the payment of the 2nd billing. In order to place an additional order, please select an order number you want the applying items to be shipped with from the list of orders, which will appear in the application process. If you place an additional order, the exchange rate will be applied on the day of each application. The agency fee is applied to all items in the same order.

About applied rate

The exchange rate displayed on the bottom of page will be applied to each order. This rate is updated every morning. The rate at the time of application is used to calculate item prices, commission and local shipping fees (1st Billing). When calculating the international shipping fees (2nd Billing), the rate at the time of items arriving at our Chinese warehouse is used.

Regarding item prices and local shipping fees

In some cases, the actual item price or local shipping fee may be different from the prices displayed on this site. These can occur when the original sales site changes prices between the time this site acquires the information and you submit an application. In such cases, we will offset the different amount at the 2nd billing. The prices might be lower in a case such as discount, and might be higher in a case such as price rise.

In some cases, some items may sold out after a payment. If any items are sold out after the payment, and any over-payment occurs as a result of that, the over-paid amount will either be offset at the 2nd billing, or returned to your deposit after the completion of the order. Please note that even if some items in an order are sold out, we will purchase all remaining items.

About International Shipping Fees

When using purchase service, the exact shipping fees cannot be calculated until all items have arrived and their package weight and size have been determined. For international shipping, you will be billed the actual expenses for items' package weight and size. If you would like to know a rough estimate of costs in advance, check the items' weight and size on the original sales pages and enter the information into the Shipping Fee Calculator.

How to use 1-STEP order

About 1-STEP order

1-STEP order is a service that allows you to confirm the full cost of an order in advance. All payments, including international shipping fees, are to be made at the 1st billing. (However, customs and sales tax may be charged at the time of delivery.) As soon as the product arrives at warehouse, it will be shipped to you using the standard shipping method. When applying as 1-STEP order, you can only purchase 1 quantity of a single product.

How to apply as a 1-STEP order

If you want to apply as a 1-STEP order, please check the "Apply as 1-STEP order" checkbox above the add-cart button on the product details page. The Add-Cart button will change to a 1-STEP order submission button, so please click that button to submit your application. Please note that products you apply as a 1-STEP order may be listed as 1-STEP products on this site.

About product confirmation

If you have applied as a 1-STEP order, we will first confirm the product and then inform you of the total payment amount. If you confirm the amount and make a payment for it, we will proceed with the purchase of the product. If the product is already registered as a 1-STEP product, there is no step of confirming the product, and the total amount of payment is displayed on the application page. Depending on the type of product, you may not be able to apply as a 1-STEP order, in that case please apply as a regular order again.
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