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Applying for Purchase service

This page will guide you on how to apply for purchase service.

How to apply for Purchase service

View items in your cart

In order to apply for purchase service, first add all desired items to your cart. You can check the items in the cart by clicking on 'VIEW CART' in the top right corner of each page. You can remove items or change quantity of items on this page. The items added to the cart will be saved for 7 days. After confirming the items you are about to apply are correct, click on 'APPLY FOR PURCHASE SERVICE'.

Select application options

On the next page, you select a delivery address, international shipping preference, etc. If this is your first time applying, you must add a delivery address first. After you finished filling in the required fields, click on 'TO CONFIRMATION PAGE' to proceed to the next page.

Confirm application details and submit application

On the next page, please confirm the 1st billing and other application information, and if there is no problem click on 'SUBMIT APPLICATION'. After completing the application, please go to the order details page and make a payment for the 1st billing. If this is your first time to order, please pay-in deposit following the way written on this page.

About adding a delivery address

In case of using this service for the first time, it is necessary to register a delivery address. Delivery addresses can be added from the application submission page or from delivery address management page. Please enter delivery address information in English. If your country is not on the list, please contact us.

About shipping preference

During application process, you can select "Speed priority" and "Cost priority" as international shipping priority. When "Speed priority" is selected, we will present the shipping method with the shortest delivery days at the time of 2nd billing. When "Cost priority" is selected, we will present the shipping method with the lowest price. No matter you choose which option, you can eventually change the shipping method after checking all available shipping methods before paying for 2nd billing.

About additional orders

In case you want to add other items to your order, you can place an additional order as long as it is before the payment for the 2nd billing. In order to place an additional order, please select an order number you want the applying items to be shipped with from the list of orders, which will appear in the application process.

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