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About CNNECT App

We introduce how to use CNNECT app on this page.

What is CNNECT app?

CNNECT app is for searching on Chinese e-commerce sites such as Taobao, Alibaba, and Tmall in English, and adding their items to CNNECT's cart. It is provided free of charge as an iOS and Android app. By using CNNECT app, you will be able to search for Taobao and Alibaba items and apply for agency services from your smartphone. To use the app, click the button below to go to the store and install the app.

Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

How to search for items

To search for products in Taobao or Alibaba, tap the Taobao / Alibaba mark in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap one of them to switch to Taobao or Alibaba screen. Taobao and Alibaba screens open independently, so you can smoothly switch between these sites to browse products. To close Taobao / Alibaba screen and return to CNNECT screen, click the "x" on the left side of the top menu.

Perform English search on Taobao or Alibaba

To execute search in English, tap the search box at the top of the screen while Taobao or Alibaba screen is visible. After you tap it, the page will be transferred to the search page of Taobao or Alibaba, so please enter keywords in English and submit after the loading is completed. When you execute the search, the keywords will be translated into Chinese and the search will start. To open a specific Taobao or Alibaba product on the app, paste the URL of the product page into the app's search box and perform a search. If the product is found, it will be displayed on the app.

Adding an item to cart or clip

When you open the Taobao or Alibaba product page in the app, "Add cart" and "Add clip" in the bottom menu will be activated. To add an item to your cart, first tap the part labeled "规格" in the middle of the page. Then select options and quantity on the pop-up. Then tap the "Add Cart" button to add the item to CNNECT cart. If you tap "Add Clip", the item will be saved in CNNECT clip. Please use this if you want to compare the items with other items without directly adding it to the cart.

Checking your cart and clip

To check the items you have added to your cart or clip, tap the "X" mark on the left side of the top of the page and close the Taobao or Alibaba screen. After that, you can check the added items by tapping "Cart" or "Clip" in the bottom menu. To apply for the agency service, tap "Apply for purchase service" on the cart page. Please see Applying for purchase service for the detailed flow of the purchase service application.
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