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Support private import from Taobao and Alibaba

CNNECT is a web service that supports private import from Chinese e-commerce giants such as Taobao, Tmall and Alibaba. You can search items in English on these sites, and enjoy international shopping just same as normal E-commerce sites.

First, let's start searching items!

By using CNNECT you can search items on Taobao or Alibaba in Japanese. If you found an item you are interested in, you can check the details of the item by reading English translation. You can alsoenter the URL of Taobao or Alibaba directly in the search box and display the item on CNNECT.

If you found favorite items, apply for Purchase service

If you want to actually order items, after you add the items you want into the cart, and then you can apply for purchase service with a simple operation. By using purchase service, you can delegate all the bothering tasks such as item purchase and international shipping. Even when ordering from multiple sellers, it is convenient because you can ship all of the items together.

Easy steps, Economical pricing

By using purchase service you can leave all the complicated work to CNNECT, therefore even those who are unfamiliar with personal import can use the service easily. CNNECT provides low-cost and reliable service by using a system optimized for personal import. Also a lot of different international shipping methods are available to meet various demands including transportation of batteries.

Purchasing status is updated in real time

If you apply for a Purchase Service, you can check the progress of the order in real time on the customer's My Page. Customers are not required to do simple operations in accordance with guidance when making payment or requesting international shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions