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Hot Products

Introducing the latest hot products in China
Gold Egg Maker
When the raw egg is set in the container and the string is pulled, the egg rotates at high speed and the yolk and white are mixed. Boil it and you will have a uniform golden boiled egg. With this, even children who don't like egg yolks can eat nutritious yolks. It is subject to the Food Sanitation Law and a license is required for commercial import.
Disc Roll-up Shopping-Bag
A handy item that allows you to carry an eco bag that has been used more and more in a small disc and carry it around. The colorful bag stored in the transparent case is also fashionable.
Handbag-style phone case
The back side of the smartphone case is designed like a handbag, and you can actually store coins etc in your pocket. If you put the strap on your shoulder with the handbag side facing out, the smartphone case will be part of the fashion.
Smartphone Enlargement Screen
A convenient gadget that enlarges and projects the screen of the smartphone by setting the smartphone on the stand and launching the transparent screen in the foreground. It is a highly practical product that incorporates an analog system into the digital world.

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