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Hot Products

Introducing the latest hot products in China
Toy moving along a line
A smart toy that moves along a line when you draw a line on paper with a marker. Even complex curves move in a wavy manner as if it were a rail. Various shapes such as cars, tanks, robots and animals are on sale.
It is a toy that is a hot topic on SNS etc. now that a hand spinner and a drone are integrated. If you rotate the propeller inside and release it, it will float in the air for a while. Many models are equipped with colorful LEDs, which you can enjoy visually.
Xiao Long Bao Maker
Xiaolongbao is a Chinese dish that is very popular in Japan. When you chew a bite, the hot gravy that flows out from inside is irresistible. However, it seems to be very difficult to make a small basket at home that wraps each soup in a round shape so that it will not spill. In China, small basket wrapping devices shaped like lotus flowers are sold.
Headstand bench
A chair that assists handstands used during yoga. In recent years, yoga has become popular in China, regardless of age or gender. Various types of products such as those with cushions and handrails are on sale.

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