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Hot Products

Introducing the latest hot products in China
Snowflake wrench
A multi-tool in the shape of a snow crystal that fits lightly in the palm of your hand. Contrary to its cute appearance, 18 types of tools that are often used on a daily basis, such as a screwdriver, wrench, and hex wrench, are packed without waste. It comes with a round can, so it may be useful when you need to carry it as a key chain.
Foot massage socks
It is said that the soles of the feet have acupoints that relieve the disorders of various parts of the body. It's not easy for the average person to remember those acupoints, but wearing these socks will tell you where and what kind of acupoints are at a glance. The names of body parts are almost the same in Japanese and Chinese, so you can understand them without any problems.
Smartphone Shaver
It can be used as a simple shaver by pointing to a smartphone or mobile battery. A thumb-sized gadget that is convenient when you want to shave a little while you are out. It supports various terminals such as USB and Lightning.
Automatic Hair Weaver
It is an automatic hair-knitting machine that can easily braid by pulling the lever. This is a braid that takes a long time by hand, but with this machine you can knit easily and evenly. It is mainly for elementary and junior high school girls, and has a colorful and pop design.

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